There are many sites to earn money. The difference this site from the others is that it is simple and you spend less time to get certain amount of money. In the near future the amount will be increased and added the innovations. Everyone who visits our site can write suggestions and comments.

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Welcome to our website Cox.Az :Our aim in the games is that the establishment ; -He speaks English and that language enthusiasts who are spending their leisure time entertaining people . -There is no age limit in this game . -Anyone can play the game . -Pictures giving correct answers to win . -Game Turkish , English , Russia and Azerbaijani languages was established . -You can download COXAZ typing game from your Android phones . These are the rules: 1. You can earn money with giving answer correctly . 2. When you create an account your name will be determined according by the number that you wrote . 3. If you have minimum 50$ in your balance you can withdraw money with your bank account password or you can withdraw with your name and surname via post 4. Only use english while answering 5. At any time values of the answers can change. you may download COX.AZ application from Play store.


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